I believe I am slowly understanding more about the steps I need to take to move forward in this business.

I am still confused about some things, but your system makes it the most understandable of all the systems I have tried to learn.

Please keep in mind I have absolutely no computer or technological back ground and I am pretty much learning everything from scratch.

Angela Smith
Angela Smith SystematicSuccess.com - PREMIUM Affiliate

"...my income went from poverty to earning Millions In A YEAR because I had a mentor and I just did exactly what they said.

Well, if you want to win big at life you're going to want to follow the advice that Andrew Cocks is going to give you...

he is a solid person who knows exactly how to improve the quality of your life so you can live the life of your dreams!

Gerry Robert
Gerry Robert Best Selling Author, The Millionaire Mindset 

I didn't expect such a clean result from Udimi - the optin rates are 30-40% average....

My target was 500 subscribers, so that's set now.

Commissions from Udimi will go into more solos and the rest will go towards DELAVO!

Mark Fisher
Mark Fisher SystematicSuccess.com - PREMIUM Affiliate

Hi Andrew,

I am absolutely amazed with what I have learned from your Internet Business Coaching System.

Having been working in Internet Marketing for less than a year, struggling to understand so much, one of the areas I gathered a lot of information on was Joint Venturing.

Try as I might I could not put all of the pieces together from all of the information I had, there always seemed to be something missing or too vague. Then in four hours of a webinar everything just fell into place.

This training is so straight forward, down to earth, easy to understand, complete, and a 1,2,3 step process that anyone can follow...

Thank you Andrew for once again giving Internet Marketers another complete and easy to implement product.

I look forward to recommending your coaching system to my clientele along with all of your other products.

Sharon Doucet

"My Income, Power of Focusing and Productivity Have More than Tripled"

The principles that Andrew teaches about setting and achieving your goals and creating multiple sources of online income are incredibly powerful and they work!

Since implementing some of his strategies in these areas, my income, power of focusing and productivity have more than tripled because of what he's taught me.

For anyone considering using their methods to create more prosperity, abundance and success in their life, your search is over...

Andrew is the real deal and won't find a more dedicated and knowledgeable 'prosperity mentor' anywhere!

If you have the opportunity to work with him and learn his success strategies, then take action and DO IT!

Clayton J. Pearson
Clayton J. Pearson Web Development Consultant

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    There really is a formula for abundance. You simply need to understand, acquire, embrace, and apply consistently the now readily available secrets to acquire Your Million Dollar Lifestyle.
    Andrew John Cocks Author, Your Million Dollar Lifestyle and Creator, SystematicSuccess.com

I checked the back office. it shows i have over 60 leads? hmmmm, is that the case?

I am excited Andrew!

I am not longer sitting on my hands.

Thank you.

Moses Igono
Moses Igono SystematicSuccess.com - PREMIUM Affiliate

The name Systematic Success gives you the focus you need to keep in your mind all the time.

I learned by Andrew that looking at my actual status doesn't show me what I am implementing through my actions and focus.

The material status needs some time to adapt to the mental focus.

And that is where most Internet Marketers fail because they don't see immediate results in the days following of starting implementing what they learned and than quit and say the system doesn't work.

But I can tell you that results will come if you continue implementing and keep your focus strong.

It will manifest, sometimes little things, sometimes bigger but if you keep on going you eventually will reach steady results.

See it as a work in progress.

My primary focus is "What are my qualities I want to bring to the world? What makes me happy being?

And all I do is to support being able to execute the answer to that focus. And it is like driving a car, first you have to get many lessons and invest time and money and only at the end freedom of driving alone manifests. Just keeping your focus and actions strong.


Luc Angevaare
Luc Angevaare Angelluc


I already made more money today from associating with you than I was averaging per month two months ago.

You're AWESOME!!

Dick Ingersoll
Dick Ingersoll


I can honestly say this program has PROVEN to be one of the best I have ever been apart of...

Sharon Moore
Sharon Moore


I've been dying to talk with you... So much is happening so fast in my life immediately after I took your coaching it's unbelievable... I just wanted to let you know that I have already netted over $50,000 since January!

Thanks a million...You really helped make things happen!

Stephane DeBernardi


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