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We pay monthly starting immediately after the customer signs up.

All you need to do is put your special affiliate link to Systematic Success on your website or e-mail.

Generous commission plan: 30%-60% for each of your sales! PLUS 10% Tier 2 for DELAVO Members.

Recurring Commissions: You can earn recurring commission EACH month.

Long life Cookies: Cookies last for 10 years. Send a visitor to any page that participates in this affiliate program and s/he will be stamped as your customer for a period of 10 years.

Hardcoded referrals: Your referrals are hardcoded to you so that as I release new products you are credited with the sale for ANY product they purchase from me in the future.

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The affiliate program is powered by DELAVO.

What does this mean to you??

You get a powerful affiliate area through which you can:

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Get your links – in addition to promoting Systematic Success you can promote our best-selling DELAVO products

Campaigns: Create unlimited campaigns and track hits/sales!

Shorten your URLs: No need to use third-party services. You can shorten your affiliate links through your affiliate area.

Real-time statistics: Just log in and check your commissions AND ALSO the commissions of your sub-affiliates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a fee to join the Systematic Success affiliate program?
A. No. You can join free here:

Q. How do I get started with this program?
A. You can join free here. Then login to your account and get your affiliate links.

Q. How would I be paid?
A. You are paid through Paypal. Commissions are paid on the first day of the month after the 30-day money-back guarantee (MBG) expires.

For example, a commission generated on January 2, 2018, will be paid on March 2, 2018 (MBG expires on February 1.) A commission generated on January 28, 2018, will be paid on March 1, (MBG expires on February 28.)

Q. I am not in Canada or the US. Can I join the program?
A. You can join the affiliate program no matter where on Earth you are located as far as you have an active Paypal® account and you abide by the terms of this affiliate program.

Q. Can I be paid by a check?
A. Yes. Instead of your Paypal address insert “send a check” inside your affiliate records. A check will be sent to the address you will have specified once your commissions exceed the amount of $100.

Q. How can I track my sales?
A. You can create your campaigns through your affiliate area and track both the hits and the sales recorded by our system for your advertising efforts. You can improve the results by seeing what campaign brings the most sales, thus focusing on the campaigns that pay more.

Q. Do I need a list for promoting the products?
A. A list helps a lot; however you can use ezine marketing (that sends ads to ezines), post messages in the forums and include your links in the signature, also include links in your signature when sending email messages, etc.

Q. Do I need a website for promoting the products?
A. No. As said above you can use ezine marketing, forum marketing, and email signatures for promoting your links.

Q. Can I order through my affiliate links?
A. No, unless it’s stated otherwise.

Q. Is there anything I must NOT do?
A. Please read about all the terms here:

Q. I have more questions…
A. Email us at We’re glad to answer all of your questions and even update this section with questions that could concern all of our affiliates.

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